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Pat and Danny last shared the stage together in 2013 as MAMA's PRIDE on the 'The Midwest Express Tour' with STYX, REO, Ted Nugent  & MAMA's PRIDE at Verizon Amphitheater.  

This was right on the heals of  their 40th anniversary together and their induction into the KSHE 95 ROCK HALL of FAME at The Pageant in December 2012!  Which was quite the event for the brothers to experience together, after all, they had conquered a feat that not too many bands had, being siblings together in a band for 40 years.   To their surprise the song Pat wrote in 1971, before the forming of Mama's Pride in 1972,  'BLUE MIST'  was also revealed to be the most requested song on KSHE in all those 40 years!  Pat was floored!  We are still trying to figure out who kept all those books, ALL those year?!?

Since then, Pat and Danny both have pursued solo and band projects separately.  It was time, they decided to take another go of it and collaborate on a project together, since the last time they had done so, was in '92 with the 'Guard Your Heart' CD.   What did they want it to sound like?  What did they want it to feel like?  Did they want to carry on the MP brand or start fresh in a different direction?  These and many more questions would follow and would have to be answered before they could proceed forward.

First, the song list would have to be carefully chosen with a cohesive direction, from the many songs they had written. After choosing the songs and many debates, in the end they decided to go in a new direction.  Having decided this, wasn't the end of the quest though.  How to merge their two very unique sounds and styles, was going to be a challenge, especially at this stage of both their careers and lives.  It had been too long, to just wing it, as they did in their younger years.  So, when you're not sure how to go about the task of merging and blending 2 very different artist, you go back and visit your roots.  What  inspired them as young artist and moved them, then go forward from there.  To let this unique sound develop over time.  Thus, the idea of 'The LISTON BROTHERS' was born.  

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